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Adult Toy: Can I Do It For You? (2020)

Adult Toy: Can I Do It For You? (2020)

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Kang Cheol and Mi Na are a couple. Kang Cheol is getting less and less confident. It’s embarrassing to be criticized by Mi Na. He decides to listen to his colleagues and seek help from medicine. Mi Na, who is discontented, also decides to buy a dildo from her friend. Kang Cheol went to a massage shop. He gained confidence though he’s unsure whether it was the drug or if the service was just good. When the dildo broke while masturbating, Mi Na got angry and complains to the company. A male employee comes and provides A/S service, saying it is a temporary service. Kang Cheol witnessed the suspicious scene and calls the company. This time, a female employee came to serve him. However, the female employee only sold the goods and left. Kang Cheol is happy while looking at purchased adult products.




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