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Bosomy Mom 2

Bosomy Mom 2

May. 27, 2020South Korea69 Min.Not Rated
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Min-soo and Jae-hyeok is in a good father-and-son relationship. But one day, Min-soo brings Jae-hyeok’s young stepmother, Da-hee. Jae-hyeok leaves home to wander around, ran into Da-hee’s friend, Na-yeon, and had a little talk. Na-yeon calls Da-hee… Da-hee goes home with Jae-hyeok, and Min-soo doesn’t care much. Jae-hyeok tells Da-hee how he feels. Meanwhile, Min-soo who disapproves Da-hee and Jae-hyeok’s relationship, calls Na-yeon to kill some time. And Na-yeon who is worried about Da-hee and Min-soo crafts a new plan…

Bosomy Mom 2
Título original 가슴 큰 울 엄마 2
IMDb Rating 7.6 23 votos
TMDb Rating 6 1 votos

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