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Female Hostel 3

Female Hostel 3

Jun. 11, 201970 Min.
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Lonely boarding house women! Any man who goes in there can’t come out in one piece! Boarding house owner Hyeon-jeong and tenants Seon-mi and Joo-hee have a rule; boyfriends are allowed to visit, but they can’t sleep together! One day, Joo-hee brings in her boyfriend, Jeong-sik, and they secretly spend a hot night together. The next morning, Jeong-sik tries to leave quietly, but gets caught by Hyeon-jeong. She tells him that he broke the rules and he needs to be punished, so she comes on to him.

Female Hostel 3
Título original 여자 하숙집 3
TMDb Rating 10 1 votos

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